It’s summer, and I’m stuck in school. :| Nonetheless, here’s a short list of things that I’m looking forward to this summer :)

1. Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter

I read and reread all four books of the Gallagher series, and I just can’t wait for this one! I got my call from the bookstore regarding my reservation and I’ll be picking this up as soon as I wake up tomorrow! :D MUST READ. I heard it’s really good. :) Ohh Zachh

2. Final Fantasy XIII-2

I just got my game yesterday… and so far I’m seriously loving it! I’ve been a fan of the FF franchise ever since I can remember and this is something I was really looking forward to ever since the year started. I loved FFXIII too and now I’m waiting for versusXIII and the FFX remake <3 (Hope has really grown a lot! Haha he’s so cuuuute)

3. Floral Dresses

More and more floral dresses of course! I mean, what is summer without them? :D

4. The Beach… but since I have school, forget it.. :( 

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